When logged into one of the message boards (poetry, story or General) Click on the Chat link.

You will see this screen :


Enter a Username in the 'Desired Member Name' field.

Add Your Name in the 'Real Name' field.

Add an active email address in the 'Email address' field.

This screen appears:

 Go to the email account you entered previously.

Open the email from do_not_reply@parachat.com (make sure your message has not been rejected as spam or junk!)

Click on the link given in the email.

You will see this screen :


Click on the 'Click to Activate' Button. Do NOT close this window down, leave it open!

Return to your email inbox and open the new email from do_not_reply@parachat.com

Write your password down!

Return to the 'New Member Registration' Window (i.e. the window that had just opened for you.

Click on 'Proceed to Login'


Enter your Username

Enter your password as given in the email notification (this is case sensitive!)

Click on 'Log-in to change settings'


Click on 'Change Password'

Enter the password (as given in the notification email) in the 'Old Password' field.

Enter the password you want in the 'New password' field

Enter the same password in the 'Repeat new password' field.

Click on the 'Change My Password' button


Wait for the Java to load

Enter your Username

Click on Connect

Enter your password when prompted (the one that you chose!)

You are now in chat!

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