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About MEL

Oh my god!!! now then, what on earth do I say about me!

Hehehehe, well I am a woman for a start, I bet that was hard to guess! *smiling atcha.* I love art, poetry and writing (another difficult one to guess *wink*).

I do not profess to be brilliant at anything, but I do profess to being good at some things *laughing now.* Well, if I don't say it then I will be a long time waiting for someone else to say it! I am 42 years old, tall, dark and beautiful (now if you believe that then you will believe anything!!). No, seriously, I am 42 and I am tall....that's all you get to know about me personally!!

I am a dreamer of hopes and desires. I try to bring alive the dreams of others.. I may not be the greatest writer, but I can write with passion and feeling, maybe too much emotional feeling, but hey, I like my writing, so who cares what the critics say. I hope you like my writing too. If you don't, well who says you have to visit my website again *winking atcha ...or do I have a nervous tic?*

Do I have any dreams...well, I would love to be filthy rich so that I could then give my time and money to the poor, and spend more time writing and learning art. I think that maybe I would love to have my own art/writing studio one day. I do know that my children would love to own a pony and if I can ever afford it then they will get their dream (they have a long wait though!).

What am I like as a person, well some have told me I am formidable, overwhelming and overpowering *raising an eyebrow*....I am tall (maybe that's where they have formed this opinion). What do most people say, well most people consider me to be kind, honest and caring. Unfortunately I am honest to a fault, hardworking and quite obstinate. I like to get what I want, lets face it who doesn't, but I will not trample on others to get it.

Have you noticed (for those of you old enough to remember) that people have changed in the last 30 something years. It really is a cut throat world out there now. No more thinking of your neighbour, more like, think of number one, yourself before you think of anyone else. Well, I must be stuck in a time warp or something, cos' I still think of others, respect my neighbours as I would want them to respect me kind of thing.

Hey, I think I am rambling! Or maybe I am just finding it hard to actually write about ME. Have you ever tried it, it is quite hard to do.

I work full time and 'play' as my family call it, on the web at night. I play with web design, art design, writing, poetry, etc. I am in the process of having set up a couple of internet businesses, but they are private businesses and separate from this website, so I won't be mentioning their names here.

Oh yes, I also like to chat to people on the net too, mind you, there are some very dodgy people out there! Sometimes I think maybe they just need someone to listen to them, to hear their troubles etc, it can be a great source of artistic inspiration and you do make 'friends' with quite a few really nice people.

Ok, now I definitely am rambling! I will have to think up some more to add in here sometime later. Let me have a think about what to include and what not. Oh...this is soooooooooo hard to do........


Images courtesy of Mark J Thomas 

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