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The Perfect Marriage

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The Perfect Marriage

It was on a Tuesday afternoon, I remember that, don’t you Peter? Anyhow, I was sitting out on the porch with one of my good friends from my short time at the nursing home, drinking a fresh bottle of whiskey that Peter, my husband, bought at the liquor store for a high price of five dollars. I cussed at the cost for five minutes until I indulged. Anyway, I remember that Greta had leaned over to look out the window, saying that there was a move-in truck at the house to the left of us. I had remembered that Luke and Erin Haaltway had lived there for a good long time, until Erin’s father got lung cancer, going through chemo as they do, and after many fights that I could hear from my bedroom at night decided to move to the neighboring town where he had lived. Erin is a soft-heart for her father, but then who can blame her?

Anyway…there it was, the moving truck with a very classy car, I think the boys call it a BMW, it was black, came driving up into the driveway. At once two little toddlers burst out of the car doors and came into my small rock garden picking out little pieces of brick (from my father’s old house which was torn down, I kept some of the brick for remembrance) as one of the young ladies (I’m guessing she was in her mid-20s) came out of the car and said to them in a stern voice but did not slap their hands, “Now darlings, why do we want to play with them? You’re going to get dirty.” She kissed the little girl’s forehead which had her extraordinary likeness. She had apologized to me for her children, and I had accepted the apology by giving the children, Sonya and Baz chocolate chip cookies which they took ravenously. Jennifer Haff-Wakefield, their mother, had explained to me that they weren’t allowed sugar over their time moving over here. “Sugar in the car makes them hyper and they don’t have any space to run around.”

As she had thanked Greta and myself for the cookies and the hospitality. I had invited them for supper that Friday night. “Oh, and bring that friend of yours that came with you,” I said short sighted, but I could barely see a giggle that shook her back as she left the patio. I could faintly hear the little girl, Sonya ask her mother, “Mana, why did the neighbor lady call Momma your friend?” It did not sink in with me right then as they went into the house as the other lady, Lisa, had compounded herself in helping the movers. She paused as Jennifer opened the door and I deciphered from through the glass, Lisa’s lips said, “Thank you sweetheart” and gave her a big kiss on the lips as she started walking into the house, both of them giggling. It still did not dawn on me. I had lived in a very close-minded Irish Catholic family and continued to do so as indifference dawned over me, as eighty-year old Greta was struggling to understand what was going on.


Christ is my only outlet for my frustrations, and when I found two young women with a set of twins, a boy and a girl I somehow had a bad feeling and quoting the bible. As Leviticus 18:22 says, "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination." Looking out of my window, I, Pastor Matthias Diefendorf was red with my ritual German anger and stubbornness. Why would these young women, so full of life and who has plenty to offer to a man, would call what they have as an alternative “marriage” and have children? Already I gathered it was the feminine looking one had given birth to those delicate children - God’s poor children who have resulted from the heinous thing that homosexuals call love.

I tried to put it out of my mind as my wife, Alice, had distracted my thoughts. How is it that I had married someone who I have loved almost as much as I had loved God? Yet Alice was Jewish (until we got married), but yet she had not changed all else about herself. She voted for Kerry, very liberal, and had helped put together the Unitarian Universalist Church in the large city right beside us. I was outraged, but how else can I not love her despite than how she categorizes herself? We both are polar opposites and yet God had granted us the happiest marriage, complete with three children: Andrew, Hope and Dominic and two grandchildren [from my oldest]: Alessandra and Jason.

The whole lesbian couple thought escaped my head until the next day when I looked out the window and saw both of them kissing on the front steps. Having given home-ridden Mammy McGowan her communion, after the blessed occurrence I had learned of their names, the one who had given birth to the children: Jennifer Wakefield - I will intend on calling her by only her name and not what they had plainly legalized for the sake of their children - and Lisa Haff. My intuition called on me to be civil to these young ladies, although they do not know that they are sinning to the very God above them. The children were there with Jen as she walked to their black BMW, I had looked at Lisa and she had on one of those faces that seemed to be full of this fake-love she felt for this other woman. The words I had read coming from the lovely young woman was yet again a sin in saying, “I love you” and then mentioned that as soon as Jen was done with taking the kids to the day care she wanted to tell her that in other terms. Both of them giggled, I felt nauseous as those pure little children endured such speech. And with that, the children got into the backseat of the car and the BMW reared down the road. My head hurt, I needed to take my morning medication for my heart burn that was sure to flare up at any given moment. Luckily, Alice, being the saint that she is, had read my mind and gave me the medication before I even went to the cabinet. What would I do without her?

It was then the doorbell had rang and my beautiful wife had answered it, still in her pink satin morning robe and her graying auburn hair flowing down her back and somehow pulled it together without shame, and there stood Lisa Haff. I straightened in my seat as Alice smiled at her like her sexuality was nothing, kissing her on both cheeks and took her into Alice’s home office. What I could gather from the conversation through the door was that Lisa Haff … excuse me as I get her name wrong … Pastor Lisa Wakefield-Haff was unable to get the home in the big town next to us for some odd reason and had been thanking my wife for helping her get the house. It was a comfort to know that her partner and children to be surrounded by some of that close-knit small town happiness. She had mentioned the worry she had for her children though, that the other children in the daycare and school systems were not educated to treat her children nicely. She was a well-spoken woman, like how someone of our profession would be, yet she had an air of big city maturity, which could be easily misinterpreted for a snobbish attitude.

Alice was the perfect angel throughout this venture as she made nice conversation asking what did the children’s hobbies were, asked their names. It was at least a good hour until they finally got out of the office. Alice went to change her clothes so they both could go to the church in the next town for the board meeting. I tried my best to be civil, Lord, yet as they had left I had called out, “Miss Haff, remember, Romans 1 says For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature.”

The young woman had no respect for those of the “occupation” of religion as she looked at me in the face, her smile holding back a laugh. Lisa just nodded and walked out of the house as she told my wife, “I am sorry but your husband should go to your board meetings, to hear other people’s opinions. But I guess it is all a twist of fate that you two were made to be together. Whatever that is among us must care for both of you deeply.”

I knew from that moment on and that Lisa Haff and myself were going to be the worst of enemies.


I knew from the first moment I had met Jennifer Wakefield-Haff and I were going to be the best of friends. Leaving the children at the daycare, looking nervous, my expert gaydar worked for me as I put a hand on her shoulder, rather flirtingly and said softly, “The other children will get a time-out if they don’t behave with your beautiful twins.”

The beautiful boy-cut brunette laughed and gave me a look that I was all too familiar with as she gathered her eyes over me, seeing my name tag that etched with three simple letters: Fae. Repeating the name to herself she had mentioned her children was shared with the love of her life, Lisa Wakefield-Haff. Embarrassed, I had took the boy and girl over to the sitting area. They introduced themselves like little adults and I engaged in conversation with them.

I had asked why they call their mother Mana and little Basil looked at me like I was dumb and said in an imprudent tone that only a boy can do “Mana is Greek for mother. Our grandparents are Greek, it’s really cool. I want to be a philosopher when I’m an adult!” In her light lisp, the little girl Sonya calms him down as if she was a little princess.

For the five hours the set of twins were there, all the children gravitated to them in a childlike wonder as they bragged about when they had gone to Greece. I somehow had the feeling that when the children go home, the ostracizing would begin, like how it happened for me. The only thought in my mind was “If only I was like Jennifer and Lisa: the perfect marriage!”

©2006-2007 ~BdeCaunteton
“It would be a pity of lesbians and gay men retreated into the same kind of cultural separatism. " - Jeanette Winterson


Post Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:40 pm 
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Very nice...I can relate to some of this very much.

Eiregirl Arrow
All poems and stories posted by Eiregirl are Copyright 2005 - 2008 Aoibhegréine These literary works are my property under copyright. If you wish to use my work for any purpose please ASK FIRST.

Post Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:17 am 
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it seems i must find more and more of your writing well done babe
Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.

Post Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:10 pm 
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Is there more??? It has been a long time since this was posted but it is interesting I am enjoying the read. I can relate to some of the story.

Post Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:02 am 
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