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Healing Hands

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Mairi bheag

Joined: 04 Mar 2005
Posts: 5095
Location: Scotland
Healing Hands

I have to speak of this humbly.

I appear to have this gift. I have been known to alleviate period pains over the internet (in chat here or over MSN Messenger), and even to affect very severe ovarian pain. I also seem similarly to be able to project myself to a cyber-lover or friend, so that an embrace or an act of love becomes calming or arousing. The experience is often mutual, so I feel the pain or pleasure of the other person myself.

I feel that this power has been given to me for a purpose, and that it could be twisted, if I allowed it, to a bad use. I have to be very careful with it.

all posted material (c) Marie Marshall, unless otherwise stated.

Post Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:24 pm 
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Joined: 27 Jan 2005
Posts: 1664
Location: Tallahassee Florida

smiles, i've had this ability for a long time mairi and the only real problem is when they can't do it in person. Luckily, Mistress is more than able and that is icing on the cake!

"A little work won't hurt you bad, but just in case I'm wrong, you'll be smiling when they pronounce you dead." Amanda Marshall 'This could take all night

Post Thu Sep 29, 2005 7:16 am 
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Joined: 05 May 2006
Posts: 6

Yes, I am able to do this - not specifically with period pain, and only in person, though.

Many years ago, I had a good friend who was dying of AIDS. Ok -I've had several, but this one in particular was different. He frequently called upon me to help him out - do laundry, drive him to the doctor, etc. Once, about a month before he died, he asked me to take him several hundred miles to another state to see his best friend from college and I agreed. He was in such pain that trip that every time I could, I would put my hands on him and silently work to take away that pain. I made a terrible mistake. I did not send the pain of his terminal AIDS into the Universe, but accepted it for my own. When my friend was dead, I began to have all the symptoms of a woman with terminal AIDS - chronic yeast infections, terrible malaise, fevers, etc - and finally in the winter of that year, I developed pneumonia. I went to a doctor - a strange one because I didn't have a regular one. He nearly scared me to death when he asked me if I had any exposure to people with AIDS - the doctor thought I was suffering from pneumocystis. As it turned out, I had "walking pneumonia", and I made some serious haste to consult another dear friend who is quite the medium. He told me what I had done that so undid me , and believe me, I learned how to discharge others' pain into the Universe, not into me.

I still do this when I can, but unlike you ladies, I must have hands directly on and it usually must be a disease or an open wound that I work on. I have been told that there are many of us here at this time. I believe in reincarnation, and I believe that is true - I know so many of us. But honestly, this is a gift from God and I know that all too well - so I use it wisely and humbly.

Post Sat May 13, 2006 5:27 am 
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Joined: 02 Mar 2011
Posts: 2
Location: North Carolina

I am a Reiki Master Teacher (in addition to writing and teaching). Reiki is a hands-on healing art of being attuned and trained to make available healing life-force energy. Basically, I am a conduit through which this energy flows. I do not direct energy - energy is provided and the client's body and higher self use that energy to the best benefit of the person.
"She plays me like a lute what tune she will
No string in me but trembles at her touch"
~John Masefield

Post Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:23 pm 
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